Lazy Wave Beach House
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There are places on earth that have a certain spirit, an energy that populates your senses and enters your body through the soles of the feet. Binalong Bay is one such place.

I recall driving into Binalong Bay one winter's day many years ago. Grant's Lagoon was awash with a sparkling winter sun. I was unprepared for what laid on the other side of the dunes. This beach has to be one of the most wonderful sites in the world - north-facing, the dark blue of the deep ocean in stark contrast with a clear blue sky and the clarity of the azure shallows, waves lapping lazily onto pure white sand.

The rays of the warm winter sun backlit the perfectly formed waves as they rolled effortlessly onto the shore. I'd been all around the world yet had not witnessed such natural balance. 

Two weeks later, we had bought a shack with stunning views of this surreal scene and now after an extensive renovation, we have created Lazy Wave as a holiday haven for all who wish to share in the peace of this unique place.

We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy Lazy Wave and experience the wonders of this hidden treasure of Tasmania's North-East.

Bay of Fires Tasmania voted best travel destination in the World by Lonely Planet!

Binalong Bay in constantly listed in the top 10 beaches in the World!!

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WINTER in Binalong Bay is our favourite time - although each season is simply special.

Richard and Jenny Pierse